Offering industry a diverse range of leading edge, high-performance, antimicrobial surface treatments.

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Welcome to Sanitas New Zealand

Food Processing – Horticulture – Transport, Export – Agriculture

Sanitas New Zealand proudly offers a range of leading edge antimicrobial treatments and coatings specifically tailored to your industry. We pride ourselves on the highest standards of both product and delivery ensuring we meet your expectations.

Sanitas treatment

Sanitas MicroClear Plus

Using the same active ingredient as Q-Bond, MicroClear Plus is a unique solvent free water reducible polymer based clear coating.

Sanitas New Zealand

Sanitas Q-Bond

Q-Bond is a silicone based antimicrobial sanitiser that chemically bonds to treated surfaces. This treatment imparts a long lasting protective bacteriostatic, fungi static and algistatic clear nish on substrates.


Sanitas TC

Sanitas TC is a highly effective surface treatment formulated to kill and control unsightly biological contamination on all interior and exterior surface