Sanitas Q-Bond:

Ideally suited for use as bonded non-leaching surface sanitiser in all food and beverage industries, and related operations, including packaging and transportation. It can be used on all easily accessible walls and ceilings and can be fogged in hard to reach areas.

  • Dairy – sheds, plants, warehouses, storage tanks, tankers and cheese processing.
  • Wineries/Breweries– warehouse storage tanks and cool stores.
  • Poultry – breeding and processing facilities, cool stores.
  • Seafood – catching, processing, storage and transportation.
  • Horticulture – processing, packaging sheds and transport.
  • Abattoirs – processing, packing storage transportation.

Q-Bond’s unique properties also allow it to be used with confidence in Healthcare facilities, bakeries, animal breeding/veterinary, testing laboratories, ice-cream manufacturing and around the home.

MicroClear Plus:

Is formulated to impart long lasting pathogenic control in all the areas listed for Q-Bond but that are either difficult to access or are not subject to regular cleaning. It can be used inside or outside and is ideally suited for the outside walls of cool stores or interior walls of transportation containers.

Because the underlying appearance of the painted surface is unchanged it is a perfect solution for walls and ceilings in healthcare and childcare facilities including toilets.

Sanitas TC:

Specifically aimed at exterior applications to control algae and mould on hard surfaces Sanitas TC has approval for use as a surface treatment/sanitiser in all non-dairy food processing plants. This allows usage in the same areas as Q-bond but without the ongoing efficacy.

Offering industry a diverse range of leading edge, high-performance, antimicrobial surface treatments.

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